29-Oct (Sun) Valley of the Kings, Luxor, and much more

Dawn over LuxorUp at 4:45AM for a shower and breakfast. Steven gave me his key to be sure he did not oversleep. Not a problem as the wake-up call got him up first time–much to his surprize.

Some of us are not quite awake. We took a small boat to cross the Nile to meet our bus. The tour group only had 18 people, so it made things very easy. Some of us were not yet awake.
Julia and Steven a bit more awake at the Valley of the Kings

We went to the Valley of the Kings first thing. Julia and Steve looked a lot more awake by the time we got there.

The day’s sights all kind of ran into each other.

Plus the Memnon Colossus all in the same day. We were happy to stop for lunch at theHotel Mercure after the Luxor Temple.

Lady Diane at EnsaThe boat moved on to Ensa. We took a 30km bus ride in a military convoy from Luxor to Esna to meet up with it.

Julia had a well deserved cup of mint tea while went went through the locks at Ensa and then we had an evening cruise to Edfou.

Well deserved cup of mint tea The locks at Ensa

More photos from this day are here.

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