28-Oct (Sat) Nice-Luxor

Corsair Boarding Pass for Orly Quest to Luxor Up at 5am to catch the 7:05 shuttle for Orly. Arrived on time and got checked in a bit less than two hours before the flight to Luxor was to leave. All was good, until they announced the flight would be one hour late. After this departure time passed, they offered to buy a drink (well after lunchtime). The flight left five hours late.

The flight was OK. Only a snack, so we were hungry when we arrived. The tour group handled the visa formalities and transport well. We arrived at the boat nice and tired around 10:30pm. Steven was impressed that it was so big (a “moving apartment building”). Dinner was at 11pm. We were told the plan was to wake-up at 4:45am to go see the sights!

ooff. Not on vacation yet.

All the photos I uploaded from the trip here.

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