Ripping “This American Life”

NPR’s This American Life is a great entertaining radio program. It is weekly, one hour long and perfect for a podcast listening. Unfortunately, the show owners make it difficult to download. I am a NPR station member of KGNU and if you download This American Life you should become a member also.

Below is a very easy way to get the weekly MP3 file.

I use mplayer and its dumpstream option.

The command line is:

mplayer.exe -dumpstream -dumpfile outputFilename showURL

The outputFilename can be what you want. I use shownumber.mp3

The showURL (might change), but is currently something like:

The showNumber changes every week. It is three digits and is around 316 today. Check the website archives for the value for the current week’s show.
For example.

o:\media\mplayer\mplayer.exe -dumpstream -dumpfile AL316+TheCatCameBack.mp3

Update 29-Jun-07

A better URL is:

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