Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments

This video is just for Steven, but I liked it also.

What happens when you combine 200 liters of Diet Coke and over 500 Mentos mints? It’s amazing and completely insane.

The first part of this video demonstrates a simple geyser, and the second part shows just how extreme it can get. Over one hundred jets of soda fly into the air in less than three minutes.

It’s a hysterical and spectacular mint-powered version of the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, brought to you by the mad scientists at EepyBird.com.

One thought on “Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments”

  1. Very professional. I saw a home video version–one soda bottle, one packet of mementos, one kid. Thanks for reminding me I wanted to do this with my class but I forgot. Now I have some good instructions to experiment with.

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