Nice/Paris PSG Soccer Match

Steven and I had a good time at the Nice/Paris PSG soccer match. Other than getting lost trying to find the stadium (who knew Nice had to stadiums?), we had a great time. Lucked out with the weather too. See the photos after the break.

After parking the car in a construction site about 800m from the stadium, we ran. Bought the tickets and found our seats two minutes before the match stated.
One happy boy.

One Happy Boy

We had great seat on the 30 meter line.

The Game

The tickets cost €40 each and are pretty fancy looking.


The Nice Matin had their normal wow we won (1-0) write-up.

2006.01.21-Nice-PSG-football-NiceMatin1.jpg 2006.01.21-Nice-PSG-football-NiceMatin2.jpg 2006.01.21-Nice-PSG-football-NiceMatin3.jpg

The fans were loud, but not out of hand. They went crazy one minute from the end when Nice scored the only goal of the match. Flares went of, fans climbed to the top of the 10 meter fence keep people off the field. The PSG supporters were protected at the end of the match by a huge number of CRS police.

The stadium was small (15,000 seats) and a bit quaint (esp. the consesion stands).

We will go again, when the weather is nice.

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