Microsoft Windows PC running non-stop for 609 days

diane has been a faithful server for about 5 years. Before that it was a general purpose laptop for 3 years until its screen died.

I have been using as a file server, podcast server and backup server all this time.? Only need to restart the Real Audio application, time-to-time due to memory leaks.

The OS never caused a re-boot. This proves that NT based Windows can be very stable if your drivers are stable and you pay attention to your applications.

diane is being retired. She has been replaced by a younger and faster ex-laptop.


System information for \\diane:
Uptime:??????????????????? 609 days 22 hours 53 minutes 47 seconds
Kernel version:??????????? Microsoft Windows 2000, Uniprocessor Free
Product type:????????????? Professional
Product version:?????????? 5.0
Service pack:????????????? 4
Kernel build number:?????? 2195
Install date:????????????? 06/02/2002, 22:12:56
Activation status:???????? Not applicable
IE version:??????????????? 6.0000
System root:?????????????? C:\WINNT
Processors:??????????????? 1
Processor speed:?????????? 365 MHz
Processor type:??????????? Intel Pentium II or Celeron
Physical memory:?????????? 192 MB
Video driver:????????????? NeoMagic MagicGraph256AV driver

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