Dell Vostro 1520 sux

My four year old Dell Insperion 610? was having power supply issues, so I asked our system manager for a new laptop–same as all the sales guys. WRONG.

He gave me a Dell Vostro 1520.? In addition to the total wrong name, Vostro, the design of this laptop is wrong for sales guys and wrong as a laptop.

  1. Too big and heavy for sales guys/
  2. While being too big, Dell shrunk the keyboard for no reason.
  3. The big nice space in front of the keyboard to rest your hands get too HOT to rest your hands. The left side will cause damage to your hand–there should be a law against this.
  4. The four USB? connections (4 is good) are in the wrong place. Two should be on the back and two should be on the left or right side, but closer to the screen. They get in the way (e.g. of the mouse).
  5. Speaking of getting in the way, the headphones and microphone connectors are on the front. Again dumb place.
  6. There are some nice buttons to control the media player and sound volume.? But the only feedback you get is a pretty blue light which your finger covers. Dumb.

I’ve told my system manager to get me a smaller, not hot, anything. This Dell Vostro (dump name) 1520 really should not be bought by anybody.

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