More Windows Mobile Applications I Cannot Live Without

Here are a few more Windows Mobile Applications I Cannot Live Without to add to my previous list.

  • ceTwit
    is the best way I have found to upload photos from my phone to the web. It uses twitter and a site called twitpic. As a site affect, the link to the photo gets sent to my Facebook status feed. Works with SFRWAP too!
  • iSkoot
    keeps me in touch with my Skype contacts. The IM part works fine, but the updates are a bit slow. The phone part works great for calling your Skype contacts. With my SFR subscription it costs nothing to call my Skype contacts. Works with SFRWAP too!
  • playlistmgr
    is the Swiss army knife of the playlist world on Windows Mobile.
  • klaxon
    is a basic alarm clock program that will ring until it wakes you up.

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