Getting to Gourdon

Gourdon is a picturesque village in the south of France, up a freeking great mountain. It is only 15km from my house and I have been there many times–by car. I had seen many a biker heading up the road to Gourdon, but always thought they were nuts.. I have been biking around the area on a old road bike which was geared too high for these mountains. Recently, Julia got a new bike for my birthday which had all the low gears for the mountains. This weekend, Steven and I made it to Gourdon!

The trip was 34.03 km and 654m of up. We had one hour and 47 minutes of moving time and fifthteen stopped–almost all of it at the top.

After the jump are maps and charts of the GPS track of the ride.

This is a chart of the distance against elevation. You can see there is a bit of up!
 Chart with distance against elevation

This image shows the route we took to Gourdon. The color is related to the slope. Blue/green was the tough parts.
 Route with slope

This image shows the route with the color related to the speed. Yellow is about 10kph. See how it matches the blue/green parts in the previous image.
 Route with speed-up

More maps and charts are here here.

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