GPS Software

GPS Utility

Made by Alan Murphy. Good for calibrating scan maps and placing GPS data on them, even if the UI is only good enough, but not good. I would like more report, but this shareware program, I did pay the registration fee. This software is recommended for GPS geeks, but surely the open source guys can come up with something better.


Freeware software which is good for calibrating scan maps and placing GPS data on them. The main misfeature is before loading you GPS data, you must, no option, load a image of a map of your location. This is really broken when you only want to look at your GPS data. Other than this, My GPS works well. But it was a show stopper for me.

GPS Visualizer

Run don’t walk to use this web base utility. It allows you to put GPS data on satellite images and make x-y charts of distance and elevation from this same data. Way cool. Be sure to save always, your data in the open GPS Exchange Format.

GPS Babel

You need this utility in your back pocket. Open source, it converts from one GPS format to another format (and we know GPS folk love their own formats!). To be sure it supports the open GPS Exchange Format which you should be using to save ALL your GPS data.

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