Skype versus Gizmo

Good bits the same:

  • Great sound quality when you have a good Internet connection.
  • Free calls to 800 numbers
  • IM

Skype only bits:

  • Group conference easy to setup (add people to your conference). The host has all traffic and costs
  • Cost is higher than Gizmo (€1.19/hour vs €0.85). Also has a €0.045 connection fee.
  • More people use it.
  • Network stats available
  • Voice mail is not free.
  • Worldwde local SkypeIn phone numbers.

Gizmo only bits:

  • Group conference easy to setup (create conference and invite people to join). The host has no traffic and everybody pays their PSTN costs. There is a conference mode which works only with Gizmo users and is free.
  • Cost is low than Skype (€0.85 vs €1.19/hour)
  • Works with any SIP network.
  • CPU usage is lower than Skype.
  • Voice mail is free.
  • Only USA Gizmo phone numbers.

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