Rocher des Monges

Beautiful walk with great views of the sea and the mountains.

An added bonus is lunch on the beach afterwards.

Julia with laptop and lunch You can see the mountains in the background.

Sea and Moutains Sea and Moutains
No real difficulty as most of the walk is alone a fire road. Maybe a bit tricky at the end where it was bit steep and rocky.

There was one trick to find the trail head. It is not alone the main road (the RN). Go to the port and walk alone the sea to the tunnel under the railroad.

Walk Profile

Two hours for the walk with stopping.
300m up and down.
6.5km total distance assuming you don’t get lost like we did at the start looking for the tunnel.

Walk in Google Maps Google Earth and in Google Earth.

Rando p├ędestre page for walk for all the wheres and hows.

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  1. Actually the first recorded use was by W.C. Churchill:

    “When I finally decided to go in, I went in whole hog, totus porcus” – Winston Churchill, Testimony to the Dardanelles Commission.

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