“totus porcus” — a protologism on the rise?

While minding my own business reading Patrick Buchanan’s rant on Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Jamestown, I came across the phase “totus porcus”.

“But we had best discover why it was our forefathers, who created this country, rejected, totus porcus, the nonsense we spout today about egalitarianism and globaloney.”

As I had never seen this phrase before, I looked it up at ask.com. Nothing. OK, so then I googled the phrase. Only 80 hits. The same search on Yahooo gave 106 hits. Wikipedia returned zero hits.

The number of hits is too low for the phrase to be a neologism, but the usage by Patrick Buchanan surely makes it a protologism on the rise. So what does “totus porcus” mean in current usage.

A blog named Totus Porcus claims ‘Totus Porcus is the Latin for “whole hog.”‘. This claim does not seem to be true.

While the Latin dictionary at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, defines totus as whole, entire, complete, all, the same dictionary has no definition for porcus.

While Totus Porcus may not be Latin, “whole hog” is surely its meaning. Below are some usage.

The media swallowed it totus porcus – whole hog, by John Maxwell in 2005 in his political blog.

I never took latin, but I think of the Latin term “totus porcus” whenever I pull up next to a humvee. Someone told me it means whole hog.

Or will we be like the Gadarene swine, that pathetic example of totus porcus–going whole hog–after the trends of the moment?, by Neal A. Maxwell from a “fireside address” given at Brigham Young University on 5 September 1982.

As a founding principle of our trip, Margaret and I decided that if we were going to go, we would go whole hog, totus porcus, super deluxe all the way, by Michael Korda published in the New York Times Travel section 25 February 1996.

“Totus porcus” is used to mean “whole hog“. Definitely it is a protologism on the rise, but is it a neologism. I guess I will need to head over to Wiktionary to see what they think.

Update: Now in Wiktionary. See http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/totus_porcus.


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