Plateau de Cavillore

This is a great walk to do in the morning and then have lunch at on the restaurants in Gourdon afterwards. The views of the coast are remarkable. Photos.

The trail guide says its a three hour 5km walk. We did it in less than two hours. The GPS said it was 6km with 340 meters up and down. The GPS time moving was one and a half hours.

We did the walk in the middle of summer, but it was not a hot day. I think it is a great walk to do on a sunny day in winter as it is mostly exposed with no shade.

The trail was well marked. The trail signs are not numbered. Finding the trail head is not hard, just cross the main road at the roundabout and then cross a small parking lot near a restaurant.

I made a waypoint for each sign found with I named B01, B02, etc. The waypoints named W01, W02, etc. are are ones I digitised from the map.

IGN map of walk.

Map with GPS track of walk.

GPS waypoints and GPS track.

Randoxygene walk information (website) (local pdf)

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