Dallas City Center

Today spent the day in the center of Dallas Texas. More interesting than I expected.

Lots of big buildings More Dallas Big Buildings and wide streets Big Building in Dallas, but there were sections (“West End”) which were more people sized.

The Dallas Union station, Union Station with the Hyatt in the background, was pretty small. The tram–aka Lite Rail Dallas Area Region Transport (DART–how original)DART, stopped at the station. It is a good jumping of point to see the center.

Found the “Sixth Floor Museum” Book Repository Buildingwhere JFK was assassinated. The museum is in the building where the assassin shot from. All in a very small area. Also a local historical area (Dealey Plaza) (which I did not know). They highlight the turmoil at the time. Even cannot agree Oswald shot JFK Sign on the Book Repository Building.

Had lunch outside in the city center Quiet Street in the West End. BBQ ribs (with sauce)BBQ ribs (with sauce), Texan beer, and country rock. Nice.

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One thought on “Dallas City Center”

  1. What are those trees in the city centre? they look nice.

    Food, yum.

    Allegedly shot JKF?

    I wonder if they’re going to have a “X allegedly masterminded 9/11” plaque when they finish
    the Freedom Tower.

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