30-Oct (Mon) Edfou / Kom Ombo / Assouan

This the 2nd day in Egypt we were getting into our vacation stride. Early Morning at EdfouStill up early, 6am, after a well deserved and well needed night sleep.

We headed across the town of Edfou on a horse drawn carriage Our carrage (with a Gran) to the Edfou Temple
Edfu Temple Entry Ticket. There were plenty of people. Edfou Templte and the crowds We found it interesting that most of the kids would shout French to us and not English. Going to School at Edfou There was plenty of activity in the town.

We then left Edfou Leaving Edfou and had a wonderful four hour cruse to Kom Omob. We sat outside. I read and relaxed. Julia and Steven did tanning by the on-board swimming pool. They did a great BBQ off the back of the boat. The senery which passed by was great.Leaving Edfou
Kom OmboTemple Entry Ticket The Kom Ombo temple sit more or less right on the Nile Kom Ombo temple sit more or less right on the Nile.. It was nice to take a break from doing nothing on the boat and get some exercise.

After the sunset at 5:15pm Sunset at 5:15pm on the Nile we headed for an evening cruse to Assouan which we would explore the next day.

More photos from this day are here.

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  1. It looks like it was a wonderful trip. It’s too bad we didn’t know you were going. We have some friends who have been living in Cairo for the past few years and we could have hooked you up. (I forgot–Shelley says hooked up has sexual connotations these days. Sorry.)

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