glowria is Netflix in France

glowria is the French equivalent of Netflix.

The cost is around €4 per DVD which is one euro less than my local video store. The have subscriptions for 2, 4 or unlimited DVDs a month.

Might be worth a try if we ever found the time to watch 2 DVDs a month.

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  1. Scott> thanks for mentionning our little company 😉
    Actually we have 5 products on the market allowing you to browse through 6200 titles in the catalogue.

    The cheapest subscription plan is called ‘Mini’, and goes for 7,99€/month for only 2 DVDs shipped to your home + a pre-stamped return enveloppe. Hence, price per rental is about 4€/DVD.

    We also have a 4 DVD plan/month, at 14,99€, which makes it cheaper per DVD. It’s on promotion this weekend with a 30% discount.

    We then have unlimited rental plans per month, with 3, 5 or 8 DVDs at a given time at your home. Prices are respectively 25,99€, 39,99€, and 55,99€. The last plan allows you to get each rental for about 2,50€/DVD.

    Indeed, if you don’t have time to watch movies, why don’t you try our documentaries, travel shows or TV shows ? They run sometimes for less than an hour, and are great for a quick program before bedtime.

    Kind regards,
    Rodrigo SEPULVEDA
    Managing Director,

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