How to create ‘normal’ playlists for the SanDisk Sansa c150

Bought a Sansa c150 as it was cheap and small. Bummed that it liked Windows Media Player for managing playlists. After harsaing technical support, I got them to tell me how to make a ‘normal’ playlist for MP3 files. Woop!

First ensure you are connecting your c150 to your PC in MSC mode. There is a setup option for this. My was set to MSC mode by default.

Next create a directory: “Music”. I then copied some Simon & Garfunkel so I had a directory looking like:

E:\Music\Simon & Garfunkel\Bookends\01-Bookends Theme.mp3
E:\Music\Simon & Garfunkel\Bookends\02-Save The Life Of My Child.mp3

Next, create you playlist. I will give you the complete instructions from SanDisk support later, but the just is you create a M3U style playlist, comments manditory, using only the filenames of the songs to be included. You also need the global M3U comment.

Below is an example playlist for the two Simon & Garfunkel songs above. I put it in:


The content is:

01-Bookends Theme.mp3
02-Save The Life Of My Child.mp3


You need the comments. Without the first comment the playlist is always ’empty’. Without the comments between songs, the c150 skips a song.

The ‘offical’ instructions from SanDisk support.

M3U support and MSC Mode: (Unofficial)
Make sure player is in MSC mode (Menu > Settings > USB > MSC).
Create/save an m3u playlist file from any application (winamp, media player, etc)
Find file through My Computer, right-click the playlist and Open With > Choose Program > Notepad
The first line of the file should be #EXTM3U. You will also see 2 lines of text for each song in the playlist.
Leave the first line alone for each song.
For the second line, you need to delete everything except for the filename (which is everything up to and including the last \ ).
Repeat that step for every each song listed.
Save the file by going to File, Save.
Copy-and-paste or click and drag the m3u file to the Removable Disk
Copy all the songs to the Removable Disk by making a folder on the Removable Disk called “Music” and copy the songs into there

Regardless of method, the playlist will now show on the mp3 player under menu>play music>Playlist

Took a week to solve this. Happy with the c150 now.

Ripping “This American Life”

NPR’s This American Life is a great entertaining radio program. It is weekly, one hour long and perfect for a podcast listening. Unfortunately, the show owners make it difficult to download. I am a NPR station member of KGNU and if you download This American Life you should become a member also.

Below is a very easy way to get the weekly MP3 file.

I use mplayer and its dumpstream option.

The command line is:

mplayer.exe -dumpstream -dumpfile outputFilename showURL

The outputFilename can be what you want. I use shownumber.mp3

The showURL (might change), but is currently something like:

The showNumber changes every week. It is three digits and is around 316 today. Check the website archives for the value for the current week’s show.
For example.

o:\media\mplayer\mplayer.exe -dumpstream -dumpfile AL316+TheCatCameBack.mp3

Update 29-Jun-07

A better URL is:

More Skype (V2) Emoticons

(mooning) you can guess what it is.
(finger) same here.
(toivo) a man and his dog.
(kate) same as (makeup) which is pre-V2.
(bandit) headshot of a nija.
From Skype Journal.

Skype has been caught with its pants down (type “(mooning)” in Skype Chat). In the latest 2.0 Windows beta new hidden emoticons go well beyond a man and his dog “(toivo)”. Still the hidden agenda seems to point a finger “(finger)”. Perhaps this unknown programmer really did make off like a bandit. “(bandit)”. Entertaining for a few. Use with caution. Almost every IM system has some of these. For a little lipgloss just type “(kate)”.

Skype Emoticons

Big smiley
Surprised smiley
Smiley with tongue out
Evil grin
it wasn’t me!
my lips are sealed

Radio France Internet Radio

This pages gives you access to all the Radio France (e.g. France Inter, France Info, Le Mouv, France Culture) online Internet radio streams (WMA and OGG).

The OGG streams are easy to use.

If you need to use the Windows Media Player you must suffer the embedded player launched by JavaScript. After a bit of hacking, I have figured out the URL you can use to access the streams directly.

France Inter mms://
France Info mms://
Le Mouv mms://
France Culture mms://