Walk: Circuit de Tracastel

The gorge just before St. Auban was impressive.

Would be a good walk for Pete & Margrette
Good in summer when its hot.

Steep up at the start for about km. Then flat or gental up/down.

1h52 moving
0h20 not mvoing
400m up and 400m down
7.4km distrance
cold day -0.5c
some snow

Google Map to St. Auban

GPS Trace

RandOxygene website

Walk: Rochers de Notre-Dame

Very nice 2.5 hour walk with views of the Alps and Vallée de l’Estéron. A bit long, 1.5 hours, to get Amirat (actually 500 meters before) and the roads are pretty twisty, but it is worth it.

Less than two hours of walking 6.8km with 350m up/down. The start is the main up.

The RandOxygene guide is here and is correct. Yellow markers are pretty consistent.

GPS track in gpx format and Google Earth format.
GPS waypoints and route.

Vallée de l’Estéron    Old Farm House    Cows and Scott   Julia and the Estéron

Vallée de l’Estéron      Old Farm House         Cows and Scott      Julia and the Estéron

Walk: Collet des Graus de Pons

Nice walk, with good views of the Cheron. While you walk the same trail to go and come-back, the views are completely different. There are ruins many Borie, and the “borie de Pons” was the most complete I’ve seen.

Julia in front of the Borie de Pons  Julia on top of the Borie de Pons
More photos here.

Less then two hours and seven kilometers and very easy all the way.

The RandOxygene guide is here and no real mistakes. Not the start of the trail does not have yellow or GR marks, they come after about 500 meters.

GPS track in gpx format and Google Earth format.
GPS waypoints and route.

Crête du Mont-Macaron

Highly recommend walk with fantastic views of the Alps and Pre-Alps and the coast and …

Less then three hours and seven kilometers, mostly very easy with only one steep slidey bit.

The RandOxygene guide is here and no real mistakes. Parking near the main road is easy and so was following the trail.

The views, there are the ruins of the Châteauneuf (”Castrum Novum”) to see and are worth it.

Ruins of the Châteauneuf (”Castrum Novum”) les ruines de Châteauneuf (”Castrum Novum”)

GPS track in gpx format and Google Earth format.
GPS waypoints and route.

North Pole Shrinkage

A crazy thing to do, but an impressive achievement.

Lewis Pugh at the North Pole

From this article in the Times,

Mr Pugh, a maritime lawyer and environmental campaigner from London, swam a kilometre (.62 miles) at the Geographic North Pole to highlight the effects of global warming. At -1.8C (28.76F), it is believed to be the coldest water a human has ever swum in.


Rocher des Monges

Beautiful walk with great views of the sea and the mountains.

An added bonus is lunch on the beach afterwards.

Julia with laptop and lunch You can see the mountains in the background.

Sea and Moutains Sea and Moutains
No real difficulty as most of the walk is alone a fire road. Maybe a bit tricky at the end where it was bit steep and rocky.

There was one trick to find the trail head. It is not alone the main road (the RN). Go to the port and walk alone the sea to the tunnel under the railroad.

Walk Profile

Two hours for the walk with stopping.
300m up and down.
6.5km total distance assuming you don’t get lost like we did at the start looking for the tunnel.

Walk in Google Maps Google Earth and in Google Earth.

Rando pédestre page for walk for all the wheres and hows.

30-Oct (Mon) Edfou / Kom Ombo / Assouan

This the 2nd day in Egypt we were getting into our vacation stride. Early Morning at EdfouStill up early, 6am, after a well deserved and well needed night sleep.

We headed across the town of Edfou on a horse drawn carriage Our carrage (with a Gran) to the Edfou Temple
Edfu Temple Entry Ticket. There were plenty of people. Edfou Templte and the crowds We found it interesting that most of the kids would shout French to us and not English. Going to School at Edfou There was plenty of activity in the town.

We then left Edfou Leaving Edfou and had a wonderful four hour cruse to Kom Omob. We sat outside. I read and relaxed. Julia and Steven did tanning by the on-board swimming pool. They did a great BBQ off the back of the boat. The senery which passed by was great.Leaving Edfou
Kom OmboTemple Entry Ticket The Kom Ombo temple sit more or less right on the Nile Kom Ombo temple sit more or less right on the Nile.. It was nice to take a break from doing nothing on the boat and get some exercise.

After the sunset at 5:15pm Sunset at 5:15pm on the Nile we headed for an evening cruse to Assouan which we would explore the next day.

More photos from this day are here.

29-Oct (Sun) Valley of the Kings, Luxor, and much more

Dawn over LuxorUp at 4:45AM for a shower and breakfast. Steven gave me his key to be sure he did not oversleep. Not a problem as the wake-up call got him up first time–much to his surprize.

Some of us are not quite awake. We took a small boat to cross the Nile to meet our bus. The tour group only had 18 people, so it made things very easy. Some of us were not yet awake.
Julia and Steven a bit more awake at the Valley of the Kings

We went to the Valley of the Kings first thing. Julia and Steve looked a lot more awake by the time we got there.

The day’s sights all kind of ran into each other.

Plus the Memnon Colossus all in the same day. We were happy to stop for lunch at theHotel Mercure after the Luxor Temple.

Lady Diane at EnsaThe boat moved on to Ensa. We took a 30km bus ride in a military convoy from Luxor to Esna to meet up with it.

Julia had a well deserved cup of mint tea while went went through the locks at Ensa and then we had an evening cruise to Edfou.

Well deserved cup of mint tea The locks at Ensa

More photos from this day are here.

28-Oct (Sat) Nice-Luxor

Corsair Boarding Pass for Orly Quest to Luxor Up at 5am to catch the 7:05 shuttle for Orly. Arrived on time and got checked in a bit less than two hours before the flight to Luxor was to leave. All was good, until they announced the flight would be one hour late. After this departure time passed, they offered to buy a drink (well after lunchtime). The flight left five hours late.

The flight was OK. Only a snack, so we were hungry when we arrived. The tour group handled the visa formalities and transport well. We arrived at the boat nice and tired around 10:30pm. Steven was impressed that it was so big (a “moving apartment building”). Dinner was at 11pm. We were told the plan was to wake-up at 4:45am to go see the sights!

ooff. Not on vacation yet.

All the photos I uploaded from the trip here.

Ride to Saint-Valier-de-Thiey via Grasse

Beautiful ride to St Vallier-de-Thiey. The weather was sunny; 19 degrees at start and 25 degrees at the end.

52.1km, 848 meters of up.
Two and a half hours on the bike and eleven minutes stopped.

Using my favorite GPS website, GPS Visualizer, I created the ride profile and Google Earth KML file.

Click on the images below for full sized views. The Google Earth screenshoots give a good idea about the ride.
Ride Profile Ride as seen by Google Earth Google Earth sees the hard climb around Grasse.

The Col du Pilon was highest point at 782 meters Col du Pilon.

When I arrived in St Vallier-de-Thiey‘s town center St Vallier-de-Thiey Town Center,
there was a cool outdoor market Outdoor Market.


This walk is medium hard. Not to bad on the ups/downs. The crest part of the walk was a disappointment as it was all in the trees (good for full summer I guess).

The high points were:

  • A few good views.
  • Nice View 1 Nice View 3 Nice View 2
  • The ruins near B193.
    vieux seranon
  • The valley behind Caille (OK it does look like a women’s sex).
    Pussy Valley
  • The Bauroux summit
  • .Summit
  • Caille has a nice Auberge where you can have a beer.
  • Gliders were cool.
    Gliders were cool.

Note the large deviation of from the trail on the map after the Bauroux summit. The map is out-of-date.


Click for full size map.

Four hours is about right.
650m up and down.
13km total distance.
Rando pédestre page for walk.

View in Google Earth and/or Google Maps (slow).

The GPS trace.

Gorge Du Loupe–not quite to Greolieres (52Km)

Longest bike ride yet 50Km. My legs suffered going back up to Chateau-nuef.
A bunch of up, which was OK until I got 3 Km from Greolieres. The grade then went to >10% and my legs gave out.

Have a look at the profile below. After Pont-Sur-Loupe there was a 5Km up which was a good steady slog, but not so bad.

Profile of ride

Click for larger image for altitude provide
Loaded up the route in Google maps.

Google Map of ride

Click to open ride in Google Maps

You can also look at it in Google Earth by clicking here.

46km Bide Ride to Grasse

A double loop ride this time from RLP, to Chateauneuf, Opio, Grasse, back to Chateauneuf, then to Plascassier, Valbonne, Le Bois-Fleuri and back to RLP. The only hard bit is the last up in Grasse and that is only for 100 meters.

Again, I used GPS Visualizer to create the live map from my GPS data.

bike-2006-06.04-grasse-valbonne map

The Distance vs Elevation profile below shows a two ups and two downs (click on it for full size image).

bike-2006-06.04-grasse-valbonne Profile

46km Bike Ride through Vence

A nice loop from RLP to Col-sur-Loup, Vence, Tourret-sur-Loup, Pont-sur-Loup, Bar-sur-Loup, Chateauneuf-Grasse, and back to RLP. Nothing to difficult, but the last bit into Vence is a bit up.

I used GPS Visualizer to create the live map from my GPS data–very cool.

The Distance vs Elevation profile below shows a two ups and three downs (click on it for full size image).


40km Bike Ride with Steven

We did a nice tour from Roquefort, Biot, Sophia, Valbonne and then back to Roquefort. The only tough up was entering Sophia from Biot.
This live map shows the route. The only hard bit was from Biot to Green Sides in Sophia. I used GPS Visualizer to create the live map from my GPS data–very cool.

The Distance vs Elevation profile below shows a one up and one down with many small ups/downs. (click on it for full size image).