More Windows Mobile Applications I Cannot Live Without

Here are a few more Windows Mobile Applications I Cannot Live Without to add to my previous list.

  • ceTwit
    is the best way I have found to upload photos from my phone to the web. It uses twitter and a site called twitpic. As a site affect, the link to the photo gets sent to my Facebook status feed. Works with SFRWAP too!
  • iSkoot
    keeps me in touch with my Skype contacts. The IM part works fine, but the updates are a bit slow. The phone part works great for calling your Skype contacts. With my SFR subscription it costs nothing to call my Skype contacts. Works with SFRWAP too!
  • playlistmgr
    is the Swiss army knife of the playlist world on Windows Mobile.
  • klaxon
    is a basic alarm clock program that will ring until it wakes you up.

Windows Mobile Applications I Cannot Live Without

I use Windows Mobile V6.1. In addition to the standard Office applications that come with Windows Mobile, I use the following applications, which are presenting in order of usefulness:

  • Pocket Player V3
    I use it for for listening to podcast, Internet radio, and audio books. Great playlist management ($$).
  • MobSync V2
    I use it for syncing files between my phone and my laptop. Used every day for moving podcasts to my phone ($$).
  • MyMobileR
    Remote terminal from my laptop to my phone. Useful if you have to type a lot on the phone or need a mouse (free).
  • Pocket Informant V8
    I use it for contacts and agenda. The filtering for contacts and the agenda view are great ($$).
  • TomTom V6
    I use it for GPS any time I am in the car. Also useful when walking in a town ($$$).
  • TOMBO version 2.0 beta 4
    I use it for storing passwords, bank info, and reference notes. The simple text files are encrypted and are shared with the Windows version of Tombo; where I enter most of the info into Tombo (free).
  • GSFinder V1.04
    File manager which is a lot more feature filled (free).
  • MortButtons 2.5
    Finger friendly menu system (free).
  • AE Button Plus V2.6
  • Redefine any button on the phone. I have one button for ALT-TABing through the open applications and one for turning off the screen.

Update 7-Dec-08

The last three applications I have not installed. I have only missed AE Button Plus V2.6, but the phone has been much more stable without it, so have not installed it.

Tabs for Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile

Surfing the web using a browser without tabs is a complete waste of time. Surfing the web on a phone without tabs is even worse.

To be sure Opera Mobile is a better web browser than IE for Windows Mobile and it has tabs. But Opera Mobile does not work with my service provider (SFR blocks it) so unlimited wapsfr surfing on my phone using Opera Mobile.  SFR only supports IE 🙁 .

Web Viewer for WM5/6 adds tabs to IE (plus a few more features). Easy to use  and works fine with wapsfr. I found it via Download Squad.

Web Viewer for WM5/6 Screenshot