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Webmin on hermes (Redhat Linux 7.3) (V1.40 of Webmin)
SPiDCOM :: OVH : Webmail ::
Avisto Web Mail (newer)
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NemSiS Powerline Page Rank

MSN Search: homeplug snmp avisto -- More Useful Everyday
Yahoo! Search Results for homeplug snmp avisto
Google Search: homeplug snmp avisto
MSN Search: homeplug snmp -- More Useful Everyday
Yahoo! Search Results for homeplug snmp
Google Search: homeplug snmp
MSN Search: homeplug nms -- More Useful Everyday
Yahoo! Search Results for homeplug nms
Google Search: homeplug nms
MSN Search: homeplug "network management system" -- More Useful Everyday
Yahoo! Search Results for homeplug "network management system"
Google Search: homeplug "network management system"

Robert's Rules Of Order | Quick Reference
Online Robert's Rules of Order, the recognized guide to running meetings and conferences effectively and fairly.



Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online
Daily SuDoku

The Official Formula 1 Website
GPS Visualizer
SqueezeNetwork - Home
Société Générale
Société Générale : Gérez vos comptes en ligne avec Logitel Net, consultez et réservez nos produits de placement, prêt, assurance, recherchez une agence ou un distributeur


DreamHost - Emergency Status
DreamHost Account Administration : Web Control Panel
phpMyAdmin for cswwp MySQL DB
Gallery Item Administration
Index of /calendars
Google Analytics
PHP ICalendar

Channel Chooser
Watch on Channelchooser only the best online news, entertainment, sports, music and information TV-channels. Pick, push and play on Channelchooser.


BBC NEWS | News Front Page
Yahoo! News - Front Page
Google News - nation, world, technology and Washington area news and headlines
The New York Times on the Web International
Today's News from MSNBC -
Breaking World News:
Sky News Home: First for breaking news around the UK and the globe
Les infos en permanence sur, l'actualité temps réel
Jerusalem Online
ABC News: Online news, breaking news, feature stories and more


Grasse - Yahoo
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Grasse, Weather Channel
Grasse, Météo France
Image Satellite METEOSAT (visible ou infra-rouge) et Image Radar


Stop - SqueezeBox2
Play - SqueezeBox2
Pandora is the music discovery service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. Listen for free.
SlimServer on diane
SqueezeNetwork - Home


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LogitelNet - Identification
Way Back Machine
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Translation Wizard (beta) || Fagan Finder
Open Directory
Powerline News Google Search:
Refdesk: reference, facts, news, free and family friendly
Net Tools Express
Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup, WHOIS, and DNS Records Lookup using
Net Tools Ping
Ping using
Nerdlabs - Reverse lookup all hostnames in a netblock
WikiTravel: (Loading)
Yahoo! Search
Bloglines Add Feed
Adds a RSS feed to Bloglines
Infoplease Search
The Free Dictionary
Teoma Search
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Zvon's RFC
Fastmail Compose
Télépoche -- Guidetele
United States Patent Lookup
Snap search
Google Desktop Search
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Koders - Source Code Search Engine
Google will offer suggestions
Google Sponsored Links
Displays the Ads for the searched AdWord
Interfactive Dictionary
MSN Search
Free Translation and Professional Translation Services
Translate From Chineese
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Air France
The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia International
The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia
Sky News Home: First for breaking news around the UK and the globe
Google News Text
Google Desktop Contacts Search
Search contacts using Google Desktop
Google Spreadsheets
Blinklist is a start page, personal bookmarking tool and social bookmarking engine. Blinklist allows you to rapidly bookmark, label and comment on any web page on the Internet. Using a new filing system, turn blinklist into your start page to access your sites quickly from any PC.
News Alloy
Vi Cheat Sheet
Go to Google Groups Home
Vi Cheat Sheet


Plastic: Recycling The Web In Real Time : ADSL en France | MP3 Device News
dive into mark
Lawrence Lessig
Sam Ruby


Technorati: Web Services for bloggers.
Daypop - a current events/weblog/news search engine


lgf: chunks of funk
:::::: tabextensions: Don't Edit after This Line :::::: <tabextensions> textZoom=120 </tabextensions> Democracy in Action
Betsy's Page
Brad DeLong's Website
Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall (Loading)

BusinessDaily Home Global
Mobile Commerce
Light Reading - The Global Site for Optical Networking
Internet -- powered by NetsEdge Research Group
Telecom Industry UK. Telecoms consultancy with telecoms jobs & telecoms news for the UK. Connectel provides UK Telecom events and Seminar information, Job seeker, CV, and even Human Resource information for the Telecom market place. Search our site for daily news from the Telcoms sector with UK relevance.
Site de Sophia Antipolis
Silicon Valley - Dan Gillmor's eJournal
Wi-Fi Networking News
Converge! Network Digest


Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall - Daily Dose
The Non Sequitur Homepage
5th Wave
Speed Bump
Close to Home
darkgate comic slurper


Mozilla Project

The Mozilla Organization
Weekly Status Update

Developer Information

Getting Involved
Download Source Code


World Wide Web Consortium
RFC Archive

User interface design

Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines
IBM/Ease of Use/Design
Microsoft User Experience and Interface Design Resources
KDE User Interface Guidelines


lxr - Mozilla Cross-Reference
bonsai - CVS Tree Control
tinderbox - Tree Status
bugzilla - Bug-Tracking System


Alphanumerica's Mozilla Development Projects
NewZilla - the Unofficial Netscape 6 and Mozilla FAQ

Third-Party Tools

Crash Recovery - Alphanumerica's Total Recall

Technology Demonstration

SmartFind queries

Bookmark Names containing 'Mozilla'
Bookmark Names starting with 'M'
Bookmark Names ending with 'Reference'
Bookmark URLs containing '.org'

XUL Apps > Tabbrowser Extensions - outsider reflex
Preferences Toolbar - Downloads -
Customize Phoenix - Flii's Tips


Ruby on Rails
Ruby Home Page
Agile Web Development with Ruby on Rails What Is Ruby on Rails Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
RubyForge: Welcome

Java APIs

Apache Ant User Manual
avistoCMS API
commons-beanutils V1.4.1
commons Core Language Utilities (Version 1.0-b1)
Velocity - Velocity
Log4j project - Introduction
jakarta-poi V1.5.1 (word/excel reader)


Linux Central the /root for Linux resources
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
The Linux Documentation Project Works
Linux MAN Pages - Linux Documentation with Search
Newbie's Linux Manual: Contents
Rosetta Stone for Unix
A User's Guide to the Z-Shell
The CTDP Linux User's Guide
BASH - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)


PIXMANIA : Appareil photo & vidéo numérique… Pixmania la boutique en ligne
Vente d'appareil photo numérique, caméscope, Lecteur DVD, TV, HI-FI, son, scanner et imprimante.

GPS - GPS Waypoints / Geographic Coordinates
GPS Waypoint Registry
GPS : liens
GPS TrackMaker - Links
Rando, localisez l'adresse et les services à proximité en Europe
UK Waypoints -
GARtrip Homepage
Coordonnées de communes
Garmin Suunto GPS tracker Google Maps mash up
Google Maps Mania
magnalox - magnificent GPS logs and interactive reports
Geocode Images and Create Google Maps or Export KML/KMZ Files to Google Earth
Bikely - Find Bike Routes
Put simply, Bikely helps cyclists share knowledge of good bicycle routes. You can draw your favorite bike paths right on the map, and view everyone else's.
Geoportal - maps for the masses
Using Picasa to geotag photographs at Digital Geography
View Flickr Photos in Google Earth
Google Earth KML feed of Flickr photos


British Pathe
Boeing Photo Store
CBC Archives
The Library of Congress
RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus


My Local Bands
Internet Underground Music Archive
SoundClick - Free MP3 music download and much, much more.
VITAMINIC_the music evolution - MP3
OnlineRock - Empowering Musicians - free MP3 music
Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine
BBC - Radio3 - Discovering Music on BBC Radio 3
Digital Music Network Homepage
AMG All Music Guide

Perso Cool

FX Account Page
Skeptic's Annotated Bible: The King James Version presented from a skeptic's point of view.
Iraq War Gulf War II War with Iraq
LiP Magazine Home Page
Ludovic Lecointe Home Page - Loriot One Free GUI SNMP Nodes Manager
Remember The Milk - Scott's To-Do List

Perso Reference


T-Mobile HotSpot Customer Connection Center
T-Mobile HotSpot Logoff

Infobel France - Annuaire Téléphonique
American Pictures! Racism shock therapy in diversity education
ibiblio - the public's library and digital archive
Nos Enfants de Roquefort les Pins
Homepage for C. Scott Willy - Countries compared by People - Population
The New York Times: Movies

Nice Airport

By Time (12)
Departing Flights
Arriving Flights

SF and Fantasy Book List
Webgrammar's free tips: references, grammar, editing, spelling, design, marketing and typography moteur de recherche, site d'information référencement & positionnement
☼ Côte d'Azur : Alpes-Maritimes, Var et Monaco
LinkedIn: Home



Google Search: spinach
RecipeSource: Spinach Ala Marianne
RecipeSource: Spinach
RecipeSource: Mexican Spinach
RecipeSource: Italian Spinach
RecipeSource: Italian Spinach

My Recipe | Browse Recipes by Category

Site de Sophia Antipolis
Les Dauphins de Grasse
01-importantPapers - Toute l'informatique d'un simple clic (vente en ligne)
All the best cards
ATB Cards - Choose A Card
à la carte recipe index
Piano Lesson One, Page 10
PIANO KEYBOARD lessons FREE, learn how to play piano keyboard free, search for local piano teachers
HelpOnConfiguration - MoinMoin
Google Maps Chez Willy
Ex Digital Sophia Alumni
Roquefort Pratique
My Ta-da Lists
Photo site
Select Italy: museum, theater and train tickets. Guided tours and excursions. Hotels and villas in Italy. Travel with Select Italy!
The ultimate source for travel to Italy! Advanced museum and opera (theater) tickets, hotel, train, apartment and villa reservations, customized itinerary, walking tours, excursions, food and wine tasting and more at Select Italy!
Télérama : télé, ciné, musique, livre, spectacle, multimedia
Votre magazine sur le web, le meilleur de la télévision et de l’actualité culturelle, le programme télé de 240 chaînes, le meilleur du cinéma, tous les films, toutes les salles, DVD, musique et CD, livre, spectacle et concert, forum
SLIMP3 Discuss
Nouvelle page 1
dictionnaire français en ligne - langue française - LEXILOGOS >>
tous les dictionnaires de la langue française en ligne, règles d'orthographe, grammaire


Satelite Passes
Shows when satelites will pass over my house.
BBC Prime - Schedules
Infoclimat - Meteo en temps reel - observations previsions climatologie forum
cswilly's Member Profile - CNET Community
Ville de Roquefort-les-Pins

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My TWiki
Perso Wiki
Test Wiki
Work Wiki

AutoChannel for RSS
My Web
My Web Save
[Blink This Site]
Mat and Kalyn Continental Divide Trail Journal, Hiking and Backpacking Journal from The Continental Divide Trail


Old Fashioned Patriot
BusinessWeek Online
Foreign Policy
International Herald Tribune
The Atlantic Online
The New Yorker
The Onion | America's Finest News Source™
RED MEAT . Meat Locker . luxuriant, deep-pile carpet bombing
Google Press Center: Zeitgeist
The Christian Science Monitor | Daily Online Newspaper
Metafilter | Community Weblog || technology and culture, from the trenches
Geek news. Kind of like Slashdot
The Agonist--by Sean Paul Kelley

Photo Blogs - The Photoblog Resource
Photo Library Archive
Yahoo! Photos
Picasa Web Albums ~ 3.0 Summer 2002
Photographica || An Online Photo Community and Photography Gallery

PLC Companies

Ambient Corporation
Amperion - Press
Arkados, Inc.
Ascom Powerline Communications
Corinex News [ENG]
Current Communications Group - Press Releases
Current Technologies : Press Releases
DS2 Web Site
Ilevo - News
Intellon: Home of HomePlug Power Line Network Technology
Main.Net Press Releases - US
Oxance Les solutions réseaux LAN par le réseau électrique
Telkonet Events & News
Welcome to Xeline!
IP Everywhere - Broad band over Power Lines PLC Power Line Communications BPL - Patent pending technology delivering Broadband where you need it most
PowerWAN Inc
Corridor Systems' News
EBA Powerline Communications L.L.C.
Pulse~LINK, Inc - Media Releases
Investors Hub - PowerLinx Inc (PWLX)
Investors Hub - Telkonet (TKO)
artimi -- News
Mitsubishi Power Line Communication (PLC) - MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC
HomePlug Document Management System
Python Library Reference

PLC News

PowerLine Communication Home Network Technology eLibrary - Power Line PLC
Feedster Search: \"powerline Communications\" OR BPL
Feedster Search: homeplug
Yahoo! Finance - Powerline - Search Results
UPLC - Driving the Development of Powerline Broadband Solutions for Electric Utilities : UPLC Media Releases
The Power Line Communications Association
ETSI Powerline Portal
BPL Info
broadband BPL
BPL IEEE Standard Working Group
Light Reading - Networking the Telecom Industry
PLC Forum
NW Fusion Search
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
ART : Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications
Open PLC Research Alliance
Universl Powerline Association
ACA -- Broadband over Powerlines Communications
Welcome - Connected Home 05

Powerline News

PLC Forum
The Power Line Communications Association
UPLC - Driving the Development of Powerline Broadband Solutions for Electric Utilities : UPLC Media Releases
UPLC - Driving the Development of Powerline Broadband Solutions for Electric Utilities : Publications

IEEE P1901 Working Group
Broadband Over Power Lines Industry Association
ANZ Corinex Industry Association
HomePlug IMWP Document Management System


NPR : All Things Considered
This American Life
Justice Talking: Shows Archive
CBC Radio | Quirks & Quarks - Schedule Guide: Schedule Grid
Internet Radio Show Links - Internet Radio Shows: NPR, National Public Radio, Talk Radio, Classical Music, Jazz Music, Internet Radio Guide
Dark Endeavors™
Magnatune Electronica (MP3 Steams of Indie Albums)
IUMA: Discover unsigned artists, independent bands, local talent - new free mp3 music files, mp3 downloads, mp3 tracks, mp3 players, search engine, cds, software and hardware at IUMA
Alistair Cooke's Letter From America
Global Business | BBC World Service
Guide de la Radio et du Live - COMFM - Live Radio, Live TV, Webcams
Internet radio revisited | Metafilter
Scott Bidstrup's Start Page
Annuaire de la radio
Google Directory - Arts > Music > Sound Files > MP3 > Streaming > Stations
iRATE radio home
Dick Becker's Internet LIVE - "Easy Listening" Stations Free Music - Mp3 Downloads - Artist Services

Favorite Stations

KCRW / NPR simulcast
Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio - Streaming progressive rock, art rock, progrock. NEARfest
SomaFM: Streaming MP3 Internet Radio
KNAU : Schedule : KPUB Program Schedule

Summary-How to use Real Audio, Spinner, Winamp, and Shoutcast to Squeezebox
Tuner2 - your ears will know
BBC - Radio 4 In Our Time - Stoicism
Pandora - Find Music You'll Love
Pandora is the music discovery service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. Listen for free.
Mike's Radio World - Live Radio on the Web
Listen live to over 3000 radio stations on your computer using Real Audio, Windows Media and Streaming MP3. This is your complete live radio guide. - Listen to the World. - Links to thousands of radio stations worldwide, broadcasting LIVE and NOW, to YOUR computer, for FREE!
News Radio - Listen Online
News Radio - listen online to music and talk radio.


Surcouf , La foire permanente de l'informatique : matériels, logiciels et accessoires
Materiel.Net : Composants


Firebird News
The Little DG834G Page.
NetGear Forum
broadband » Netgear
Firefox Extensions - The Extensions Mirror
Freeware updates - every free software update, latest freeware news
The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities


Wireless Net DesignLine |Broadband adds 24 million subscribers

Bloglines | My Feeds
Wireless Net DesignLine |Broadband adds 24 million subscribers
Wireless Net DesignLine | I stand corrected
Wireless Net DesignLine | Analyst fears Intel action may delay next-gen Wi-Fi
Wireless Net DesignLine | Mobile's killer app
Wireless Net DesignLine | WiMAX Said To Complement Wi-Fi, 3G
Wireless Net DesignLine | Panasonic to deploy Freescale ZigBee platform
Wireless Net DesignLine | I find myself in a bit of a pickle
Wireless Net DesignLine | Protocol analyzer delivers over-the-air test capability

MyVoIPSpeed VoIP connection test, bandwidth test, speed test Speed Test
Test your connection for VoIP connection quality, see your broadband speeds, test bandwidth performance.

TechWeekly Foundries: Foundries Welcome to
Further Info -- The OpenCD
GNUWin II Version 2.0.3 :: GNUWin -- Open your Windows ! :: Open Source Software, Reviews & News
PC Magazine Online
BetaNews | Inside Information, Unreleased Products
Pricelessware: the best in Windows © Freeware The IT Industry Portal
ExtremeTech - Deep technology for enthusiasts and professionals - Neil's Place (Loading) Every Deal. Every Detail. Instantly.
Type "opt" to access your Firefox options.


CTV - Your Source for TV : The Largest BitTorrent Database
Torrent Site Status
Content tagged with daily-show - CommonBits
MrTwig's net The place to go for South Park episodes.


Internet Video Magazine Announces The Ten Coolest Video Web Sites
Internet Video Magazine - the online guide to the best videos, animations and movies on the Internet - learn how to create your own Internet Movies and Videos
7M Pictures
All Day Breakfast - Comedy Video Shorts
Apple - QuickTime - MPEG-4 Video Gallery
'boards - Screening Room
Bmwfilms : International
Welcome to the 2003 Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Instant Films For those who like to watch. - Watch Free Music Videos
Video Editing Buyers Guide
digitalFAQ formats info
Ulead Learning Center - General Video Info - Tutorial Index
BBC - Science & Nature - Space - The Sky At Night - Watch Online
ABC Streams full episodes


Les Guides Randoxygène 06
Departmental committee of Tourism of the Alpes de Haute-Provence, tourism, leisures, sports...
Alpes de Haute-Provence La randonnée pédestre guidée par GPS
Départemental de la Randonnée Pédestre des Alpes Maritimes

Work Reference

ETSI - Telecom Standards
JDO Genie
Google Alert - Track a Web Search Automatically
Micromuse Insider
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
SNMP for the Public Community
ZVON Keywords
Webmonkey | tour
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - HTML by Example
SQL Tutorial
Text analysis tool, wordcount
Common Errors in English
dBm to Watt Conversion Calculator



Google Mobile Home