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My Diversions

I do Masters Swimming in Fance and sometimes I make it into the top ten in my age group 25M short course and rarely in long course pools.

F1 Qualifying Comparisons - 2003 [PDF], Comparison between drivers on the same team and between teams with the same engine.

F1 Qualifying Comparisons - 2002, Comparison between drivers on the same team and between teams with the same engine.

Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics
Britney's Guide

My Work

My company Avisto Telecom makes TeleManagement software for Powerline Communication networks and provides software development services. I also work with SPiDCOM Technologies which is a fabless semiconductor company specialized in very high speed Powerline Communication solutions.

My wife's company BJC Europe specializes in implementing significant business change using a unique combination of business and IT experience.

Places on the Web

Bookmarks, Places on the web I don't want to forget.

Blogs I Read using the highly recommended bloglines.com.


SCO Tries to Steal LINUX

A Fair and Balanced Look at SCO.

Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age

The Illegal Art site is loaded with fine examples why the current copyright laws are way out of balance.

Illegal Art or not, we only can ask "is it art?" if we are allowed to see it--and we deserve to see it!

From the site:

Loaded with gray areas, intellectual property law inevitably has a silencing effect, discouraging the creation of new works. Should artists be allowed to use copyrighted materials? Where do the First Amendment and "intellectual property" law collide? What is art's future if the current laws are allowed to stand?

IP Justice

IP Justice is a non-profit organization that works to promote balance in global intellectual property law and protect freedom of expression with digital media.


Free the Mouse Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act is a bad thing. These guys (e) Eldred v. Ashcroft are trying to do something.

The Tyranny of Copyright? by Robert S. Boynton says it all (Published: January 25, 2004 in the NY Times).

Open Source Code Contributions

Import Scrubber
Cleans Java import statements. (In jEdit's CVS area on SourceForge). No longer supported by me.

Spell Check for Java
Spell Check for Java is an API which allows access to a spell check functions from Java.

Pollo XML Editor
Pollo is a decent XML Editor. I contributed the I18N framework, the English resource files, and the menu short-cuts.

Google Bombs

17-Jan-2004 - Cheney's caddy shack from the Old Fashioned Patriot
17-Apr-2004 - Miserable Failure from the Old Fashioned Patriot

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